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Shaping Colours

Hazeu Orchids presents a new brand, Caleidos Orchids.

Fascinated by structures of nature, Chiel was inspired to bring his vision to life. The result? A brand new 6-sided Orchid pot that allows more efficient Orchid growth and transportation, Chiel calculated a 20% reduction in CO2. As if that isn’t enough, the new pots are made from fully recycled plastic and can be recycled time after time.

The new brand for the product line emphasises colour and versatility, a perfect match for such an innovative product.

The Caleidos is sure to make waves in the floral landscape and is an exciting new addition to retailer’s flower departments. Through colour blocking design, amazing packaging this new line really stands out and will catch the eye of shoppers. Customers will find the diversity of patterns, and colours chosen to complement the orchid’s tone, impossible to ignore.




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Let the Caleidos brand surprise you and your customers! Beautiful colours, inspired by a kaleidoscope effect, and a real eye catcher in your store! So, join us in shaping colour and get in contact.


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2022 Trade Fair

This year, big things are happening at Hazeu Orchids! Caleidos, the innovative new orchid product line, is being brought to the Naaldwijk TradeFair! As a third generation Orchid grower, Chiel Hazeu knows about orchids. So when he develops a new brand, it is worth paying attention.